Must-Have: Jewish Rosaries

Being a Jewish fashionista, I have always been fascinated by rosaries, the forbidden necklace. Never allowed to wear one, I always loved how a rosary looked dangling around my Christian friends necks.

Low and behold my fellow Hebs, Carlen Altman of Brooklyn, NY has answered our prayers! Handmade and shipped worldwide, Jewish Rosaries come in gold or silver, an array of colored beads and with several different Judaic charms.

Available at Jewish Rosaries

images from Jewish Rosaries


fashionable palette said...

these are beautiful!

Miss Little said...

Those are fantastic! Great find.

Paddie1958 said...

Actually it is considered sacrilegious to actually wear a rosary around one's neck! They are, in the Catholic faith at least< meant for prayerful use and not as a fashion item!