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Based out of Vancouver, BC, Dope.Girl.Fresh is the brainchild of best friends Laina and Angie. Inspired by vintage finds and a drive to always look unique the girls launched a line consisting of vintage finds, some re-worked and some 'as is', and a few original pieces.

The website is up and running, ready for business, with a blog linked to it showcasing photoshoots, fashion inspiration and Laina, Angie and their friends wearing Dope.Girl.Fresh.

Laina was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about Dope.Girl.Fresh and the girls behind the line.

Are all the items vintage and sold as is or do you re-work the clothes?

As of right now, the line consists mainly of vintage clothing and accessories sold 'as was' as we like to call it but we just wrapped up a photoshoot and are in the process of picking photos to post a lot more of the re-worked items. They should be online in a couple of weeks. I also make a handful of original pieces and have thrown them in the line. This will also be expanding in time.

I assume you only have one of each item; do you have a stock of items to post as things are bought up?

Yes, we only have one of each item, unless it's something I have made, which if sold well, will be re-introduced in a different color and slightly different style as we want girls to feel their piece is exclusive and unique. We have tons of stuff in stock and are in the process of updating the site with new items as they well.

Where do you get most of your clothing from?

We get out clothing from EVERYWHERE! We have kept our specific location a secret from even our closest girlfriends but we literally stop at every single thrift store, Value Village, consignment store and Mom's/Grandma's closet. Anytime we are out traveling and see a thrift/vintage store we at least pop in to take a peek for any possible hidden gems.

What inspires you to pick up a piece?

IF I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! We look and see who made it, how well it's made and the condition it is in but before any of that it's just because we love it or see some potential for what it could be.

What is your personal style and how does that parlay into the business?

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with being original and haveing things nobody had so naturally we (Laina and her business partner, Angie) grew up loving vintage because it was harder to duplicate. We also have a hip hop dance background that is a hint of hood/street style. We are also influenced a lot by high fashion, for example, I might try to re-work a vintage dress to look like a Marc Jacobs dress. Something I had to have but couldn't afford. I am most attracted to things that push the envelope so anything that I have made is a little kooky and unique. Dope.Girl.Fresh came about because I had always made mine and my girlfriends' outfits and people would always ask where were got them so it was like *Lightbulb*!

Are all the girls that model for Dope.Girl.Fresh your girlfriends?

Most of the models are girlfriends but a few of then are just beautiful girls we've seen around the city and have reached out to. All have been more than happy to do it and have actually now become out friends.

Does the website ship internationally?

Right now we are only set up to ship within Canada but we have received such a great response from people all over so we are absolutely going to set up international shipping in the near future.

What is the main message of Dope.Girl. Fresh?

We want to stress that we are trying to promote females supporting and empowering each other. We [females] are all of talented and beautiful and there is no need to be side-eyeing each other in a bar or bitching about each other just because we think a girl might look better than us. We all have our own 'thing' and we need to start recognizing that and supporting how amazing we all are. Dope.Girl.Fresh didn't start out like this but after working with different female photographers, models and DJs and hearing about all their talents we just felt more and more passionate about how "we can it it too!"

images from Dope.Girl.Fresh.


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