Hell Hath Frozen Over - Ungaro 2010

After the falling out between Ungaro and Esteban Cortazar, some thought the Ungaro Spring 2010 collection would be a disaster. Well, the only disaster was Lindsay Lohan, "artistic adviser" to the fashion house.

If you ask me, any advice from Ms. Lohan is not worth taking, especially when it comes to fashion. I hope the label drops her as quickly as they picked her up because she is only giving them as bad an image as her own.

Lindsay Lohan strutting down the runway at Paris fashion week is a sign of the apocalypse.

images from Style.com


jesspollack said...

but imagine if they're just whoring hohan out for publicity and she actually had NOTHING to do with the designs...you never know!?

is it bad that i like the ruched pants, despite obviously detesting the majority of the collection?