Vale Jewelry - Macaroon

A few years ago I was shopping at the The Market in NYC and came across Eva and Ava Bai, twin sister jewelry designers. I instantly fell in love with their delicate necklaces and intricate layering pieces. Their jewelry company, Vale Jewerly, was just starting out and only had a few pieces in the collection.

As the years passed I regularly attended The Market to see the new pieces they introduced. Chunky necklaces, precious stone earrings and knuckle rings all made appearences. Their online store sells all their pieces and is easy to navigate.

Recently, they launched a new line, Macaroon, focusing on statement necklaces and fashion pieces. The items on the outside are all Macaroon and the earrings down the middle are Vale collection.

images from Vale Jewelry


lara.tobin.styling said...

STUNNING pieces. I'd never heard of these designers, am so glad you discovered them! Man I wish I were in NYC right now...